Dedicated lead generation network
We assist our clients in elevating their business by procuring new and qualified consumers through multiple online channels.
About Us

Qatalyst, Inc. is a lead generation network dedicated to providing a customized and comprehensive range of offline and online services for small and large businesses.

Qatalyst brings to our clients innovative marketing ideas, additional revenue streams, and cost effective solutions in acquiring new customers. We work closely with all of our clients to ensure everything is executed according to their needs, and are committed to full transparency and superior service.

At Qatalyst, our goal is to equip your sales/marketing team with a lead generation program that provides you the greatest ROI on converting qualified leads to customers.

Avatar Soundboard Technology
Avatar or soundboard technology uses pre-recorded messages that are broken into small sound bites that are programmed in an easy to use interface.
Pay Per Call
Performance-based inbound calls produced for your sales team from online, TV & radio, and mobile click-to-call campaigns.
Self-serve technology for customers to buy and sell leads based on select criteria, day parts, and the number of leads needed.
Pre-Screened Phone Transfers
Consumers are pre-qualified by our agents before transferring to your agents. When a lead comes in we collect their information and only transfer leads that fit your selected criteria.
Data Sales & Management
Monetize data and profits by having our team manage your data (email, postal, phone), or equip your next phone or direct mail campaign with our targeted data.
Exclusive Web Leads
Leads of consumers who request specific information online about select services. Web leads are posted to you in real-time, and exclusive to you.
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